Each day brings you new challenges. We can help by providing more than just lab results. As a Florida physician, what kinds of challenges do you face every day? Whether big or small, the demands of practicing medicine today affect everyone in the office — and the way they work


That’s why at PDL we offer a menu of services and features that sets us apart from other medical labs. These services go beyond lab work. They are designed to help you manage your patients and run your office more efficiently. They give you the highest level of confidence in clinical excellence and help satisfy your patient population.


In this section, we’ll show you how PDL can benefit your clinic, office or practice. We’ll show you why PDL is the right choice to be your laboratory partner.


PDL Customer Satisfaction Survey


Tell us how we’re doing. We want to know. PDL strives to provide the most state-of-the-art clinical testing with excellent customer satisfaction. Please help us accomplish that goal by completing the “SURVEY” form based on our performance from the past three months.


Not only can we can help you manage the health of your patients, but also the health of your laboratory & clinic.


Informatics Reports

Our informatics report helps you quickly identify non-compliant patients who need follow-up – and when coupled with enhanced reports – bring patients back into the practice. Informatic reports can also help you easily identify patients who are due for exams and tests, which provide additional encounter opportunities with your patient base.


Increased Reimbursements

You can qualify for the early adopter electronic prescribing governmental incentive. This government program offers an additional incentive on Medicare reimbursement to qualified providers.

Reduced Costs

By incorporating PDL products and services into your practice, you can experience the positive result of improving your bottom line through elimination of redundancies and unproductive tasks.