Patient Management

Patient Management

Our prompt service and accessible information helps you enhance your care of a growing – and more challenging – patient population.


At PDL, 98.9 percent of all patient test results are available by the following business day. This means when you leave the office at night, you’ll usually have test results waiting for you by the following morning. That means quicker results for you and less anxiety time for your patients.


Additionally, you can always have a direct connection to PDL through one of our connectivity services, including COMTRON/Labgen physician portal. We also offer the peace of mind that comes with 24/7 customer service and our large logistics fleet.


Complete Information Access and Reporting


Our easy-to-read, efficient lab reports allow your staff to promptly interpret data and identify out-of-range results. These reports are available through virtually any distribution channel and are available 24/7 through COMTRON/Labgen physician portal.